4G LTE Wireless

Asset Tracking

Gain greater operational control and streamline delivery processes based on actionable intelligence delivered through Asset Tracking solutions. By effectively monitoring locations and conditions, you can create operational transparency, improve customer service models, and strengthen relationships. From the factory floor to final delivery, an asset tracking system offers a vital link across your supply chains. It can deliver business-changing insights to help you create operational efficiencies and control costs. Our global IP connectivity, cloud services, M2M technologies, security solutions, and wide-ranging expertise help ensure that asset tracking drives productivity across your business. Wireless sensors and radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips can help you understand the location of goods en route and track finished products headed to market. Our Verizon Networkfleet asset tracker, Asset Guard, provides the precise location of each high-value asset in your fleet. Using global positioning system (GPS) asset tracking, you can remotely monitor assets like generators, road construction signs, semi-trailers, garbage bins, yellow iron equipment, and more. We also help you employ easy-to-use cloud technology and analytics to quickly turn data into actionable insights to further fine-tune your business operations.

Automated Retail

Extend your offerings beyond traditional physical shopping spaces and online stores to create new opportunities for sales and services. Automated Retail solutions give your customers nearly instant access to products and services from virtually anywhere, combining the around-the-clock convenience of online shopping and the immediate satisfaction of brick-and-mortar stores. By strategically placing self-service machines in high-traffic areas to provide your customers with on-demand access to popular products, you can tap in to new sales opportunities, increase brand visibility, and be more competitive. And, with near real-time transaction and inventory, M2M retail solutions data allows you to easily make important decisions to help: Control costs with faster transactions. Implement operational efficiencies. Expand potential revenue-generating opportunities. Introduce new business models and get products to market faster. Increase customer loyalty. Our Automated Retail solutions are grounded in a reliable and secure infrastructure that simplifies day-to-day management and maintenance tasks. With a team of M2M experts that work closely with you to design custom retail solutions, we can help extend your reach, strengthen your customer connections, and simplify your daily operations.

Digital Signage

Capture interest, build brand awareness, and create a powerful dialogue in locations where customers are most likely to act upon ads and messages. Using Digital Signage solutions, we can help you deliver targeted, strategic communications and collect data through mobile vending displays in locations like stadiums, arenas, retail outlets, theatres, and more. With Digital Signage solutions, you can create immersive engagement experiences through a variety of displays that instantly integrate current information with advertising and targeted messaging to rapidly change perception, deliver visually compelling messages, and attract new customers. Our Digital Signage solutions seamlessly integrate the essential components of strategy, global IP connectivity, secure cloud, and wireless LAN to help you create new, interactive experiences and effortlessly broaden the reach of your brand.

Engage Customers Remotely

Generate loyalty by effectively communicating with customers at the right time and the right place via mobile devices or strategically located machines. With the help of connected machines, devices, sensors, and systems, you can deepen your customer relationships in a matter of seconds as you efficiently gather relevant information and deliver products and services more conveniently. From Mobile Payment solutions that allow your customers to securely pay for purchases with their mobile devices, to Mobile Point of Sale (POS) solutions to help them purchase goods directly from kiosks or store employees’ devices, M2M solutions can help your customers quickly get what they want, when they want it. Connections between wireless and fixed-networking technologies, across the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the U.S. and over the Internet, can help transform how you engage customers and enable employee collaboration. M2M technologies are designed to bring your organization and customers together by putting easy-to-use solutions in places where convenient interactions are needed most. As a key component to the Internet of Things—the connection of practically anything that can be connected to the Internet—M2M can help increase engagement and build brand loyalty. Exploring new connections with new and existing customers and audiences has never been so simple and easy to accomplish.

Fleet Management

Proactively monitor vehicles, measure performance, improve vehicle utilization, manage route efficiency and protect resources with Verizon Fleet Management solutions. Our technologies provide valuable data from your fleet, giving you insights to better promote positive driving habits, control maintenance costs, and mitigate fuel bills. We integrate global positioning system (GPS) devices and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags into vehicle systems to capture data that can help you monitor the status, location, and condition of high-value vehicles and equipment. With our Networkfleet solution, we help you gather and manage multiple data streams, so you can better anticipate events and protect your assets. Networkfleet can also help you: Improve fleet operations by controlling fuel use. Enhance efficient vehicle utilization. Control maintenance costs with vehicle diagnostics. Manage and improve driver behaviors.

Internet of Things

Transform the way your business operates and create stronger connections with customers by integrating the technologies that form the Internet of Things (IoT). Powering the connections between devices, machines, and people helps fuel the Internet of Things and provides meaningful insight to help you enhance services, drive efficiencies, and yield more informed connections than ever before.

Wireless Kiosk

Reach people on the go with services and compelling messages designed to help promote greater interaction and engagement. With self-serve Wireless Kiosks and Wireless POS systems placed in convenient, high-traffic areas, you can help customers browse online information, access live customer service, learn about and locate products and services, and process payments. Our Wireless Kiosk solutions can help you create and deliver more efficient customer care, increase interactions with shoppers, and motivate visitors to take action without sacrificing security or reliability. Easily located in highly active areas like local retail locations, national hotel chains, airports, and sports arenas, Internet of Things can also help you control media costs and interact with customers in new, dynamic ways. With our Wireless Kiosk solutions, you can: Deliver targeted messages to help generate ad revenue. Collect real-time customer feedback and data. Update and maintain interactive content and technology.

Wireless ATM

Provide quick access to cash and services even in prominent but unwired locations with Wireless ATM solutions. High- traffic locations like train terminals and subway stations are prime locations for wireless mobile ATMs, but many of these facilities don’t offer the required connectivity to accommodate these convenient machines. Reach customers in more places and in new ways. Wireless ATMs can be quickly added to locations, such as in shopping malls, concerts, outdoor sales, and more—all connecting over our secure wireless network. And because they’re wirelessly connected, you can reduce overall deployment time and give your business greater flexibility and mobility as to where and when you provide new service offerings.

Track Assets and Vehicles

Wirelessly monitor, track, and maintain high-value assets and support employees remotely. Asset tracking, fleet management, and field enablement solutions, powered by M2M technologies, can help you create potential revenue opportunities, control costs, and provide better service to your customers. Connect your vehicles, equipment, people, devices, and machines wirelessly via the Internet to gain current visibility across your supply chain—and help simplify the delivery of goods, increase availability of resources, and keep assets secure, and in peak operating condition. With our IoT solutions, you can improve your services, streamline logistics, and confirm time-sensitive inventory is delivered to consistently meet customer expectations and resource management procedures. From intelligence captured through the ever-expanding IoT and the connections we’ve made between smart devices and people, we can help you make more informed business decisions, reshape your connectivity processes, and improve productivity.