’48 Hrs.’ Reboot on the Way From ‘Good Time’ Directors

48 Hrs.

Josh and Benny Safdie have been making critically acclaimed and award-winning features for about a decade, starting with The Pleasure of Being Robbed, but they’re only now getting mainstream attention with Good Time, their incredible new thriller starring Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The former has been receiving awards buzz all season and even though he’s missing out on major kudos like the Golden Globes, he and the movie are basking in the consideration.

Now the Safdie brothers are probably basking in greater Hollywood favor. Good Time is an indie but one that proves the duo can deliver on intense, entertaining action that’s driven by compelling characters and strong storytelling. It’s no wonder that they’ve been tapped to remake a classic with similar sensibilities. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Safdies will direct a new version of 48 Hrs., a pioneer of the buddy cop genre from 1982.

Actor/writer Jerrod Carmichael (The Carmichael Show) will collaborate on the script, and he’d be a good fit for one of the leads, either the cranky cop originally played by Nick Nolte or the convict on loan originally played by Eddie Murphy in his breakout movie role. The plot sees the mismatched pair of characters needing to team up to catch a couple of cop killers. The concept, if not premise, has been copied so many times that the remake might not be totally fresh, but helmed by the Safdies, it should be well-made entertainment.

If the remake does well, there was a sequel released eight years later called Another 48 Hrs. It was not as well-received, so there’s room for improvement if Paramount wishes to turn the property into a new franchise. If so, they’re working with a production company, Chernin Entertainment, that has already given us one of the best rebooted movie series ever in the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy. The key to success here, though, will be in the casting, just as it was 35 years ago, rather than groundbreaking special effects.

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