4 Tips for Storing Your Technology Safely

Electronics are expensive pieces of technology that need to be handled and stored very carefully. Placing your electronics in a storage unit keeps them safe in many regards, but it can’t protect them from everything. There are precautions you can take before placing your electronics in storage to ensure their safety, four of which are detailed below.

Moisture is the Enemy

While your electronics are manufactured to be durable, they’re not designed to withstand exposure to water or moisture. When you begin the preparations to store your electronics, you must keep this particular weakness in mind. Do not store your electronics in any area that would expose your devices to high levels of humidity and moisture. Areas like your basement and your attic can suffer from excessive moisture and humidity, so these areas should be avoided as potential storage spaces. Store your electronic technology devices in a closet or in a storage unit instead. Moisture is another reason why it’s never a good idea to only store electronics in cardboard boxes. Infotainment News explains, “electronics, important documents, and other items with sentimental or monetary value should be kept safe in water proof, plastic bins. This can protect the items and keep the storage area clean and organized. Clear bins also make it easy to find items and put things away in their right place.”

Choose Boxes Carefully

When your electronics were created, the manufacturer also created and prepared boxes for the devices that could withstand the pressure and disturbances often associated with shipping over long distances. When it’s time to move or store your electronics, you’re going to want to place them into boxes for their security and protection. While you could purchase new boxes to store them in, they may not offer the optimal amount of protection your devices require. For this task, the original boxes are best. All Storage Online explains, “the best way to store your electronics is in their original boxes. This ensures the perfect fit. Think about your computer as a sort of Goldilocks; too small of a box won’t fit the device inside, too big of a box will leave room for the device to move around and get damaged, and the original box will be just right.”  

Store Them at the Back

Your electronic devices run a very high risk of becoming permanently damaged if they fall from any height. For this reason, you want to make sure that you always store your electronics on ground level, in the back of the storage location if possible. This protects your electronic devices by providing them with a strong, solid wall for support. Additionally, any items you stack in front of your electronics will act as a second wall of support. This prevents your items from shifting, falling, or sliding.

Beware of Extreme Temperatures

It’s not just moisture and humidity that can ruin your electronics. Extreme heat and cold can also cause irreparable damage to your technology. Atticare explains, “extreme heat and moisture can wreak havoc on even the most well-made electronics. Not to mention, if a rodent infestation occurs, your stored electronics and electrical wires may become chew toys for mice, rats and squirrels.” Renting a storage unit that has climate controls will be your greatest asset in preventing extreme temperatures from damaging your technology. If your original packaging isn’t available, you can find suitable boxes at your local office supply store or electronics store. Be sure to purchase anti-static plastic and packing peanuts for added protection.

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