4 Industries Where Women Are Absolutely Killing It!

There are some industries that are known for being dominated by men. Many technological fields, such as computer coding, are almost exclusively made up of men, except for a very small percentage of women. This is because the profession is still largely dominated by males, even though more women are starting to go to school and take on this role. But there are some industries where women are absolutely killing it. Here are four of them.


While it isn’t true at the college and university level, women have made up a larger percentage of teachers at the elementary and high school levels for decades. It’s also a solid profession to enter because, depending on where you teach and your level of education, you can make a fairly nice income. In fact, the average pay for high school teachers is about $50,000. And if you live in a state like New York, which is on the higher end of the pay scale, you might make up to $80,000 or more. If you want to enter this profession, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree.


Healthcare career opportunities are growing in fields such as respiratory therapists, general practitioners, RNs, nurse practitioners and many more! And women are at the forefront in many of these areas of the healthcare field. There are many directions that you can take with even just an associate’s degree in nursing, and your options and pay increase with more education. There are also bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in nursing.


While veterinarians were almost exclusively men in the decades leading up to the 1980s, the tide began to turn in 1972 when certain parts of Title 9 made discriminating against someone applying to school because of their gender illegal. The number of female students in veterinary school is also on the rise today. You need to attain a degree in veterinary medicine to become a veterinarian, but if you want to get a taste for the profession, you can also start as a veterinary technician with either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and take additional training courses to make you more valuable

Public Relations

There are a number of theories on why women dominate PR. For instance, some women might want to write for glossy magazines but, upon finding out how competitive it is and how low the compensation is, they move toward PR because it’s actually a growing field. Some people also posit that women are more likely to thrive in the type of cooperative environment that public relations offices offer. In contrast, some people believe that a greater percentage of men thrive in competitive environments. Whatever the reason, women make up a greater percentage of the PR workforce. If you want to enter this profession, marketing and communications are both good bachelor’s degrees to pursue. 

There are some professions that are still primarily dominated by men, but there are also plenty of high-paying professions in which women hold most of the positions. If you’re interested in any of these industries, researching the level of education needed, the demand for workers in the field, and the amount of pay that you can expect are necessary to find a job that you enjoy.

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