3 Ways Sales Teams Should Be Using Technology

Technology is a powerful tool for all aspects of sales. Marketing, customer service, retention, conversions, revenue management, cost containment and other areas of sales can all be managed efficiently with the right programs. Current software applications can provide your business with great tools that will help your sales departments in all areas. Following are just some of the many ways today’s technology can increase your sales members’ productivity.

Streamline Processes

One of the largest benefits of using technology in a sales environment is that of streamlining your processes. One advantage is that of automating recurring tasks so that the sales team can concentrate on actually selling your company’s products. New client welcome messages, gathering data, tabulating existing data, reordering supplies and many other tasks can all be managed easily with software programs or services. Meeting your customers’ needs can be efficiently accomplished through contacts and marketing on social media. Tracking customer preferences on your site is beneficial to them and to you, and technology can easily accomplish this.

Facilitate Communication

Clear communication between different departments is crucial for effective sales, especially when a customer has an issue. It is estimated that up to 80% of marketing content goes unused by sales teams causing wasted time and resources. The best way to improve the sharing of data between departments is by using technology to store all data in a relational database and using software to manage that data. Other important ways to communicate between departments are by efficient program management and valid team representation throughout the process.

CRM Storage

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are tools used to bring together different aspects of sales, marketing and customer service under one umbrella. You can use either onsite programs or cloud-based services. With the proper CRM, you can gain insight into customer behavior and what interests they have. This knowledge and analysis allows your sales team to better utilize contacts and leads. For larger businesses, subscribing to a cloud-based CRM can be a great solution for both time and resource management.

When your sales departments can concentrate on tasks that are important for the bigger picture, and when they can communicate with other departments quickly and clearly, your business prospers. Wasted time is wasted money, and you can only benefit from using technology that cuts waste by managing tasks, time, and data sharing. Free your teams by using available, contemporary technology, and you will soon see positive results.