3 Technological Advancements That Are Improving the Security Industry

No matter if your company consists of one employee or tens of thousands worldwide, the security of your data should be of the utmost concern. As data transfer gets more sophisticated, though, so do the methods of those trying to compromise or outright steal the data, so it is vital that your security measures keep one step ahead of hackers. Ever-developing technology is on your side in this fight. Here are some examples of three advancements that are making waves in the security industry.

Hardware Authentication

If you have ever used a thumb drive that requires an additional digital key to gain access, you are familiar with hardware authentication. Today, many chip manufacturers are as with Intel’s Authenticate system, a location detector or phone app request. Layering protection devices is always a solid step in the direction of improving data integrity and is relatively simple to implement.


Artificial Intelligence

Technological advancements to remote monitoring allow systems to recognize and activate at the first sign of a threat. AI is not just the stuff of science fiction movies, but a legitimate and powerful security tool. Machines learning to recognize patterns and behaviors not only in human users but in hardware and software apps make it easier to diagnose breaches, algorithm hiccups, and other issues. With hackers’ methods becoming more sophisticated by the day, AI should definitely be part of your security plans.



Fingerprinting, retina scanning, facial recognition, and other human feature authentication programs are becoming more common, so if you have not already begun using biometrics in your security arsenal, now is a great time. Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult to either install or run biometrics programs and being able to restrict access to sensitive data to a few key people makes it easier to trace problems and glitches. Newer hardware systems often have biometrics built into them, simplifying the process but still providing top-notch protection for your data applications.


Data and system security methods are continuously evolving to meet the needs of both the largest and smallest companies. With these security measures, you can have confidence that all of your data is secure. Being able to offer the most up-to-date software or hardware to your customers will give them peace of mind that you consider the safety of their servers and data to be of paramount importance.

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