3 Pieces of Technology People Are Weirdly Hesitant to Use

As the technological progress of the world continues, more and more gadgets, services and software are being released for consumers every year. However, with so many new releases coming out, it’s a little odd that people’s acceptance of some new technological advances remains low. They’re skeptical and untrusting despite the fact that, if given a chance, many of the new devices and gadgets can drastically change people’s lives for the better.

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Voice Assistants

From Siri to Cortana to Alexa to Google Now, there are a multitude of voice assistants available to consumers to help out when there are no hands to spare. However, there seems to be a social stigma when it comes to talking with a voice assistant in public, and not everybody wants to be the one who stands out. As a whole new host of gadgets such as Apple smartwatches and home assistants make voice activated technology much more accessible to the public, people are slowly becoming used to it. From using voice assistants to ask for recipes to asking voice assistants to lower the thermostat, users are slowly becoming more accepting of them than ever before.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can greatly improve hearing, so why don’t people use them? Many times, hearing aids simply end up at the bottom of someone’s drawer. It isn’t as if they don’t work. Roughly 90 percent of people suffering from hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids. There can be various reasons for this reluctance. Old-school hearing aids can be very bulky and complex to use compared with the newer models available. Not only were those older devices bulky, but they could also be extremely uncomfortable to wear. However, the newer types of hearing aids have dramatically improved aspects of comfort such as lightness and shape, making them comfortable to wear for the entire day.

VR Visors

VR visors are a relatively new piece of technology that people are still hesitant to use. However, many companies are now making VR visors a more common part of daily life. For example, the new PlayStation VR is a home video game console that uses a VR headset to increase immersion in the gameplay. In addition, VR visors are now showing up in other common areas of life such as health and fitness. Several meditation and yoga apps have introduced a VR aspect to their user interface, making the immersion much stronger than before and allowing users a more thorough and effective session.

Many new pieces of technology are making their way into everyday life. Even though the acceptance of new technology can still be met with skepticism, various new technologies have such an integrated connection with everyday activity that people are gradually becoming much more accepting of them than ever before.

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