3 Apps That Promote Safe Driving

Cell phones are a large distraction on the road and greatly increase the risk of a collision. This is especially true for teenage drivers. Talking, texting, or even looking at a phone while driving is dangerous. However, there are a lot of apps that are designed to alleviate this problem and make driving with a phone safer. Here are three apps that are designed to promote safe driving.


iOnRoad is an innovative augmented reality driving app that can detect collisions before they happen. Built-in accident detection software in cars is often a premium feature, but this app seeks to make this life-saving technology more accessible. According to CEVA, the app uses GPS data and the camera to monitor the speed and location of other cars on the road, marking them as safe or as collision risks.


Life360 is known as a family networking app where parents and children can see the location of others in the family. While the app excels at helping parents know where their children are, especially in emergencies, the app also promotes safe driving in teens and young adults. According to Boohoff Law, this app can monitor for speed and location and can send text alerts for hard braking or acceleration and crashes. Users can also turn on automatic notifications for when someone in the family leaves a location and begins to drive. Should a collision occur, parents will be able to get to the site of the accident faster and know exactly where their child is. Users of the app can also click a button to alert the rest of the family to an emergency, also minimizing the time it takes to respond.

Drive Smart

Drive Smart is an app that will automatically turn on when it detects that a vehicle is moving. It then turns off all potential distractions from the phone. According to Fix Auto USA, incoming calls are directed to voicemail, notifications are turned off, and texts are automatically sent to anyone who tries to contact you that you are currently unavailable. Passengers can override the features, but if parental controls are enabled, a notification will be sent to let the parents know the app has been turned off.

With all the people who die each year as a result of distracted driving, the use of apps like these can increase the safety of our roads. Distracted driving is dangerous, but there are tools available to combat its risks. The next time you get on the road, consider using one of these apps to help keep yourself and others safe while you drive.

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