2019 Trends In Professional Fashion

As workplaces change to stay current with society’s latest trends, many companies are being far less strict with their dress codes. Whereas in years past men were required to wear a button-down shirt and tie, while women were required to wear dresses or skirts of an appropriate length, today’s employees are being given a wide range of options for workplace attire. To learn more, here are some of the latest professional fashions for 2019.



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While there is a difference between being casual and too casual, men and women have some choices when it comes to pants. For men, casual slacks such as khakis often work best, while it’s recommended women choose slacks made of casual fabrics such as cotton. When it comes to the question of wearing jeans, more employers are choosing to let workers wear denim, but there are some guidelines for both male and female professionals. Generally, dark wash jeans work best, while flare jeans and cut-off styles should be avoided.


What to Do With Shirts?

Just as with pants, employees can now wear many different types of shirts. Men can choose from collared polo shirts, crew neck pullovers, and sweaters, while women can choose almost any type of well-fitted blouse or top, so long as it’s not considered to be too tight or revealing. For both genders, almost any color or pattern is fine. However, don’t try to get too casual and wear shirts that have strange novelty patterns or messages that could be offensive to others, since these are rarely if ever given the thumbs-up by employers.


The Footwear Phase

When it comes to shoes, the word in today’s workplace is comfort. More employers now allow both men and women to wear sneakers, so long as they are clean and aren’t full of holes. Since today’s sneakers come in a variety of colors and patterns, virtually anything goes in most companies. If sneakers aren’t your style, men can opt instead for loafers, while women can choose open-toed shoes, but should avoid flip-flops.



To top off your new business casual outfit, don’t forget the accessories. Watches are making a comeback in 2018, and both sexes can wear ones that sport loud colors. Necklaces and chains are also stylish, and can be virtually any color or design.


By knowing what today’s most stylish workers are wearing, you’ll impress not only your coworkers, but your boss and customers as well.





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