2017 Ops Salary Survey

The operations (Ops) required to keep an organization’s increasingly important technical infrastructure up and running is a key part of any company. The roles and duties performed by those working in the Ops space vary widely by company, industry, geography, and infrastructure type. This report looks into what operations professionals do, how much they are compensated, how they are seen within their companies, and how they rate different aspects of their jobs.

Based on the responses, we found that Ops encompasses a wide range of tasks and we saw evidence of shifting roles for Ops professionals. Infrastructure is moving to the cloud, and physical work (like laying cables and racking servers) is on the wane, giving way to tasks that require new types of skills; for example, automation, configuration, virtualization, and containerization. Our survey results provide helpful insights into the skills, tools, experience, and responsibilities that most affect Ops salaries.

Some key points include the following:

  • The median salary of all respondents is $100,000.

  • Ops professionals at larger companies earn more money.

  • Despite working long hours, more than half of respondents said they were happy with their work–life balance.

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