What to Keep in Mind When Creating a Brand Video for Your Business

When making a branding video for your business, it’s important to stay focused and keep a few important goals in mind. While letting the creative drive take its course can be great for the brainstorming phase, throwing in every idea you have can lead to a disjointed mess of a video. Here are a few things that every brand video needs to be successful.

Add a Call-to-Action

There are so many benefits of creating a video for your business. One of the biggest ways your business can benefit from a branding video is by providing a clear call-to-action for your consumers. A call-to-action is a statement or message that inspires the viewer to take some sort of action. In the case of brand videos, it is usually something like calling for a price quote, visiting a website for more information, or visiting a brick and mortar location to do their shopping. Your call-to-action statement doesn’t have to be anything fancy in order to be effective. It can be as simple as a little “visit us at [website]” banner at the end of the ad.

Make Sure It Reflects Your Brand

Every brand has its own style, personality, and mood. Creating a cohesive brand identity is important in making your brand successful. Any promotional materials you make, including your brand video, should fit with your brand identity. It wouldn’t make sense for a strict legal firm to have a bubbly and colorful brand video, or for a children’s clothing line to have a dark and gritty brand video. Having a brand video that clashes with your brand identity can send mixed and confusing signals to your consumers, and ultimately may do more harm than good.

Pick a Video Style

There are a variety of styles to choose from when making a brand video. These include options like hand-drawn animation, live-action, CGI, whiteboard, and stop motion videos. Picking the type of video style for your brand video has a lot to do with the message you are trying to present, along with your brand identity. Keep the overall message and themes in mind, as well as the cost. Some styles may be more effective than others for your customer base.

Creating a successful brand video can really help draw in business, but having a poorly made video can do just as good of a job at driving people away. If you don’t have a marketing or video team at your company, you may want to look into video production companies that can help you through the process.

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