What Degrees Are Best for an IT Career?

So you are considering a career in IT, but you are unsure which type degree would be best. It is a difficult decision because there are numerous schools that offer similar degrees for IT. Also, there is an ongoing debate on whether experience and certifications are a better option than a four-year degree. Despite the debate, many companies will not hire you without a bachelor’s degree. Below is a list of the best degrees for a career in IT.

Information Technology

This degree is the best choice if you plan to deal with end-user computer systems, system design, or system administration. It also teaches all areas of information technology and information systems. The ideal courses for this degree include Unix, Web Design, and networking.

Management Information Systems

Sometimes people confuse management information systems (MIS) with computer science. MIS focuses on a combination of people, information technology, and business processes. Computer science does not study business aspects. If you enjoy using technology to improve individuals lives, then this is the right degree for you. Contrary to popular belief, the focus on programming is minimal in this program. There are a large number of jobs in MIS that do not require programming. Smartphones and social media applications are created in part by professionals in this field.

Computer Science

A degree in computer science (CS) is probably the most difficult, yet common degrees for a career in IT. This degree has an in-depth focus on programming, math, and computer theory. Typical courses for this degree include Data Structures and Programming Principles. You would also learn about cybersecurity in this field. If you are not good with math and programming, this would not be the ideal degree for you.

Information Science

Today, data is fundamental in our society. The government, private companies, and individuals store loads of data of all sorts. This is made possible by professionals with a degree in this field. This degree primarily focuses on the storage and management of data. The need for people with this knowledge is in high demand. The typical courses for this field include mid-level programming and Web Database Development.

The above examples are just a few excellent degree choices for a career in IT. It is important to do your homework to figure out which degree path is best suited for you. Though if a degree doesn’t sound like the best thing for you at the current moment, there are plenty of certification and individual courses that you could take in the meanwhile from your local community or state colleges. This will help you get your foot in the door of business who might be looking for interns or apprentices.

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