Technological Advancements That Improve Business for Contractors

When you have such tools as a large diesel pickup truck, nail guns, portable saws, cement mixer equipment and hydraulic excavators, you tend to take these types of construction equipment for granted. However, most of these tools were not available for construction personnel even just a century ago. Life is definitely about changing, and new technology will continue to make construction projects easier. Here are some of the newer examples of technology that can help construction experts:

AI is Improving Productivity

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has adamantly revolutionized the way that a construction job site is operated. First of all, contractors can easily monitor all of their employees simply by utilizing their smartphone or a wearable system. Contractors can also use autonomous drones to continually monitor how the construction site appears at any given time. AI systems can also use algorithms to determine if any mistakes are present in the process, including such areas as plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. There is almost no limit to how AI can be harnessed to improve the efficiency of a construction project.

Online Documentation Streamlines Processes

When it comes to construction, there are a number of permits, legal documents and other forms that must be filled out and signed. Gone are the days where you would have to chase after signatures! Online document delivery and e-signature capabilities have enabled a more streamlined, rapid payment system for contractors. Online documentation has made the process much easier, especially considering that most people can now just e-sign the needed form and be on their merry way. This improved organization doesn’t even touch on the fact that blueprints are now able to be transferred on a digital outlet. They can easily be copied, and they can be taken anywhere!


There has been a tremendous rise in the operation of drones within construction sites. For a major job, a drone photograph could save a project millions of dollars. Construction managers use drones for job site risk mitigation, quality control and processing, site analysis, and even preconstruction planning. Drones save time and money, and that alone is making them the wave of the future.

Are you a contractor? If so, hopefully you realize that times continue to change. In order to bring your business forward and remain competitive, you will have to continue investing in these new technologies. It could easily mean the difference between getting steady bids or not even having a business at all.