Most Popular Filming Locations in the United States

The movie industry has become a global sector in the 21st-century with many movies and TV shows shifting production to areas of Canada and Eastern Europe. However, many stories being told in the U.S. are still being filmed in some of the most iconic locations in the nation from New York, to Los Angeles, and Utah.

Central Park, New York

Despite the fact this is one of the busiest parks in the world, Central Park remains a popular filming location for filmmakers to exploit. The New York park has been used as a movie location for decades having featured in the iconic, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Central Park plays a key role in the 1961 movie as the location where George Peppard’s character, Paul learning about Holly Golightly’s past in the now legendary bandshell. Other movies filmed in this iconic location include “Leon” and “Kramer Vs. Kramer.”

Venice Beach, California

There are few movie locations with such a long history in the industry as Venice Beach which has been at the heart of the industry since the silent era. Many of the stars of the silent era and the Golden Age of Hollywood lived in Venice Beach and filmed in nearby locations made famous for their unique architecture. The classic comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy made the Venice Amusement Pier famous as the location of their 1927 movie, “Sugar Daddies.”

Monument Valley, Utah

Utah has much more to give than just the stunning landscapes of Monument Valley which have been capturing the imagination of filmmakers for decades. Utah’s amazing landscapes have been a destination for filming for quite awhile now dating back as far as the days of the legendary western director, John Ford. Filming the 1939 classic, “Stagecoach” in Monument Valley made the location well-known around the world for its desert backdrop. Utah is almost home to the Sundance Film Festival. This festival is well-known for showcasing indie film talent. If you ever find yourself wanting to travel in the winter and are a particularly a fan of film, you might want to take a peek at what you movies you can catch at Sundance. Utah is a rather picturesque state and the nearby Sundance Resort is bound to be a worthwhile visit for its proximity to the festival and several ski resorts.

Greenwich Village, New York

The majority of film locations in the U.S. are located in and around the creative hubs of New York which is why Greenwich Village has seen many iconic movies made on its streets. Among those filmed in the Village is the Audrey Hepburn thriller, “Wait Until Dark” and Winona Ryder romance, “Autumn in New York.” Both movies were filmed on St. Luke’s Place which makes it easy to walk down a single street and take in a number of amazing locations. It’s also a great place to catch an indie flick, if that’s what you like.

Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia

The state of Georgia is becoming a popular film location for many moviemakers in the world. The state and nearby North Carolina came to prominence with the release of the 2012 movie, “The Hunger Games” and its following sequels. Sweetwater Creek State Park played a key role in the movie as it was the location for scenes between the main characters.

What we can learn from the few locations discussed in this article is the fact a trip to any area of the U.S. can result in a nearby filming location being explored. From classic movies to modern blockbusters, there are many different options open to movie enthusiasts to enjoy a tour of a movie location.

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